A Journey Through Romantic Love:
What it Is, What it Isn't,
How to Get It and How to Keep It!

by Margaret A. Cochran Ph.D.
A thirteen lesson guide to all you have ever wanted to know about Romantic Love.
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The Enneagram:
Building Powerful and
Productive Relationships
in Business, Love and Life

by Margaret A. Cochran Ph.D.

Many of you have probably heard of, or read about, the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a very old system of personality nomenclature that many lay claim to originating, and others have written authoritatively about. Having said that, no one owns exclusive rights to the information - like any other form of knowledge it really belongs to us all.
I have found the Enneagram a very useful tool both in understanding individuals and relationships.
Relationship of course exists everywhere in our daily lives, at home, at work, at school; relationship is one of the most challenging of all adult developmental tasks.
This double CD contains both audio lessons and supporting documentation.
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